Adventures with Nina's Funky Shop

Adventures with Nina's Funky Shop

It's hard to believe it's been a year since I officially launched Nina's Funky Shop by ninanush. It's been a wild adventure!

It began when I lost my job and decided to focus on my happiness. What truly brings me joy? 

I took a leap of faith, and through Nina's, I began sharing my art and the weird and fun designs that make me smile. To my surprise and excitement, people around the country and the world liked it, too.

Over the past year, Nina's sold hundreds of foodie beanies, quirky graphic tees, statement varsity sweatshirts, and naughty raccoon totes. The feedback from my amazing customers has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

Thank you for supporting Nina's Funky Shop! Here's to many more years of funky foodie adventures!


Through our shared love of food and the little things that make us smile, Nina's has shipped our funky designs to 5 continents and 33 US states.

Each time we ship to a new state, we mark it in orange. We're on a mission to color the map orange by Thanksgiving! Which State is next??

Nina's Funky Shop Around The United States

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